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Upon hearing Rizon’s explanation, Sekhmet spent a few moments to carefully study him. As she examined him, she took in several breaths in order to get a good read from his scent. After a few more moments, she nodded her head.

“I see. I always thought that it was-” her voice trailed off as she reconsidered her words. After a second, she continued again. “Well, Seferia looks like a feline, for instance. However, she maintains traits of her true form. I would not suggest trying to pick her up, for instance. However, I am fully willing to believe that you have perfected your form more than she has. Or perhaps, she is not as willing to make herself fully be what she changes into? I do not know.”

Upon hearing Rizon’s question, she bared her fangs in frustration. “Did you not listen to me? We are going to move to that alcove there. It is within sight. Once there, we will rest and recoup. We should be there within the hour. The river is also nearby, so we can gather water.”

Seferia tilted her head at Sephiroth’s question over “shrinking”. Narrowing her eyes, she wondered if he just simply put his altered age out of his mind. After a bit, she calmly responded.

~Sephiroth, your physique matched your age before our mental bond fully formed, remember? If I had to guess, I’d say that you had the physique of a male human in his mid-twenties then; however, I am no expert on humans. Nonetheless, I can clearly see that your appearance now matches my maturity as a dragon. You do not appear much older than sixteen. Remember?~

Upon finding that Sephiroth has sat down next to her, Seferia reached out to gently stroke her hand through his hair. She then examines him once more. For the most part, she enjoyed the act of examining his facial movements so that she can study how he and other humanoids express themselves.