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Seferia reached out to snatch the feather up from the mattress. She then smirked as she examined it over. After a moment, she set the feather into Sephiroth’s hair before she whispered to him.

“Oh, I found it interesting. I just felt the need to warn you that I am a dragon, and thus, I am not ticklish.”

Another rumbling chuckle vibrated through her chest and throat at these words. She then leaned up to kiss Sephiroth anew. She has been slowly getting better at it, but it is still awkward for her.

Once Sephiroth started getting around to actually mounting her, she was more than ready. Thus, she did not fight him at all through his administrations and happily went along with them. While she did not scream or do any of the vocal things that are typical of human females, she did wind up clawing into the burnt skin on the back of his shoulders as her body was pleasured.

Unfortunately for Sephiroth, he would have exhausted himself long before she even spent even two thirds of her potential sexual energy. Also, Seferia had no sweat or other signs of exhaustion nor exertion on her body. Still, she did not push for him to continue. Instead, she simply moved in to press against him.

“I think I can see why you humans find this activity to be casual fun.”