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Curious, Seferia tilted her head as Sephiroth sat up on top of her. She was uncertain as to what Sephiroth was planning; however, she was not so curious that she was going to disturb him with useless questions. Instead, she moved in with her left hand so that she could rub the inside of his thigh.

Upon spotting his wing, her eyes widen with both surprise and admiration. She honestly had no idea that he had possessed such a magnificent appendage. How she could have missed such a detail when it had been her job to rehabilitate Sephiroth and document his capabilities was unknown to her. However, now that she knew that the wing existed, she could not help but think that it suited him.

So, she reached up to kneed the fingers of her left hand into the feathers clustered near to his back.

“Gorgeous,” she softly breathed out. However, she soon brought her attention to her stomach before she tilted her head with confusion. “Are you attempting to tickle me?”