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Unlike the average human, who would have a very excited heart beat at the moment, Seferia’s heart continued to steadily beat at a pace that would feel somewhat slower to that of a human’s. In fact, Seferia had none of the signs that a human would recognize as sexual excitement. Her skin was not heated to the touch. Nor did she have any sweat at all being produced. However, none of these elements should be taken as indicators that she was not enjoying herself.

In fact, Seferia’s mind was a swirl of delighted colors as Sephiroth and herself participated in the foreplay game. Red flames would regularly appear in her mental landscape, which indicated her desires and excitement.

As Sephiroth spoke to her, she tilted her head back down to look into his eyes. Her slit pupils had become dilated since the foreplay started. Also, the glow in her eyes was slightly more intense than it normally was. After a moment of just looking into his eyes, she nodded.

~I am ready at any point. However, I cannot state that I would not welcome more of this preparation play. If you desire to have more “fun” before the other “fun”, I shall not stop you.~