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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth responded rather audibly to the kneeding sensation on his back. The younger male made almost-animal guttural noises of pleasure, and as he began to let go of his inhibitions, he became more adventurous and moved his head down to lick his partner’s chest area, continuing with his loud purring noises, all the while sounding very un-human like.

*”I see, I see…”* He nodded slightly before resting his head down on Seferia’s chest for a moment to hear her heartbeat. He supposed it was a strange gesture considering all the other things he could be doing right now for Seferia, but he was hardly one to care about such things. *”I’m not about to question the ‘why’ of your motives…”* He raised his head again to meet her lips for another kiss, grinning at her also. *”Let me know when you are ready. I am content to tease and play until then.”*