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Seferia promptly moved to lie down on her back as soon as Sephiroth slid out from under her. While her face hardly has any signs of emotion at all, her eyes looked up at Sephiroth with admiration and good humor. After a moment, a genuine, albeit awkward, smile formed on her lips before she leaned up to kiss Sephiroth once more.

~I am a dragon, Sephiroth. We do not make decisions that we are not sure of. I am also not doing anything that I do not want. I want to make you happy, and I think I can find this pleasurable. This will benefit both of us.~

As she continued to kiss him, her black clothing began to simply melt off her body. Since her form is false, the clothing is nothing more than another element of the spell that makes her appear to be a human. In fact, as the clothing vanishes, the skin under it shimmers with black scales before reforming as human hide.