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Kat Aclysm

Rizon flicked his ears back, seeming frustrated at the situation. He let out a tired sigh and grunted in reply to Sekhmet before speaking. “I’d stand in my dragon-form, but it’s too much of a red flag for the Nemesis… she’d just track us down by looking for the rainbow scaled dragon.” He sighed miserably. “So, I morphed myself into a cat, literally. A spotted one that blends in easily Do you see any dragon at all? It’s more than just an illusion, or a form. It’s a cat, a proper six-foot tall digitigrade bipedal feline.” His tail swayed low around his heels. “And it’s not liking this heat either…”

“So how much further? Some of the group can’t take much more. We need to give more water to the youngsters and people need to rest.”

Sephiroth slowly shook his head at Seferia’s question.

*”Did I shrink in size?”* He wondered, looking down at himself as if to check. *”I feel pain now and then, but it is better than it was. I think this travelling and things like that are beginning to get to me.”*

At his point, he decided to retreat under the tree next to Seferia, glad for the vaguely cooler temperature under the branches.

“I hope we find a more secure place soon. I feel exposed out here.” He frowned. “And I did not come this far to die now.”