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Seferia groaned, for, once again, she seemed incapable of explaining to Sephiroth facts without harming him at some level. Furthermore, she knew that he was aware of the facts that she was trying to explain. So, she simply could not fathom how to better explain it to him.

At last, she shook her head before replying again, “I cannot comply. You have known for months, ever since that first night, what the link between our minds meant. I explained it in full back then. I cannot change what it is. However, I can assure you that I do not actively peak around your mind. However, that does not stop the fact that I do feel it at all times.”

She then reached out to brush her fingers through his bangs. “If it helps soothe your feelings, I usually agree with your thoughts. I also find them very… admirable? I’m not even certain how to put my thoughts concerning how I feel toward you.”