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Zack had been lucky enough to have sniffed out a rabbit hole when they made camp. Upon capturing the rabbit, he had offered the rabbit to Cloud so that the man could cook it for the two of them. Thus, for the time being, he was lying next to Cloud’s position and patiently waiting for the food to be ready.

Meanwhile, Seferia took the time that Sephiroth was away from the tent to tend to her two eggs. She had positioned the self-warming mat which she had used as a bed for the eggs, moving it back toward the rear of the tent. From there, she unpacked a few blankets to wrap around the eggs.

Upon feeling that the eggs were secure, she moved to set up a mattress for herself and Sephiroth. She then frowned as she wondered what exactly would please a man such as Sephiroth, at least where it came to subjects such as sex. So, she sat down on the mats and narrowed her eyes as she pondered over the subject.