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Sekhmet looked around the area as she pondered over both Rizon’s words and their predicament. Given that most of her group were tired out, herself included, she feels no reason to push them any more for the day. However, she also doesn’t want to risk undue danger. At long last, she sighs and points to a small alcove that is even closer to the river.

“We shall move again in about fifteen minutes. At that point, we shall head to that set of trees there. It should give us ample cover for the evening.”

Upon nodding at her own decision, she turned to face Rizon. She then examined him. After a moment or so, she spoke out her thoughts. “Strange that you, a dragon, have skin that is prone to his sun, especially with your coloration. Meanwhile, I, a black cat, am not overly bothered by this heat. Then again, my mother and her species originally guarded the Cradel in Egypt.”

She frowned as she pondered these elements. However, she decided to just shrug it off.

After taking a small but adequate amount of the water, Seferia hands the canister back to Sephiroth. She then turned her attention to the plant that had been indicated to her.

“Ah, I see,” she calmly stated. She then nodded with appreciation and understanding, even though her expression remained mostly unreadable. “At least there are abundant supplies of ailment remedies. That is good.”

She then turned her head to examine over Sephiroth once more. As usual, her expressions were stoic at best since her species naturally doesn’t use many facial movements to express emotion at all. In fact, aside from a few movements such as snarling, baring of fangs, and occasionally panting, Seferia had no instinctual drive to move her facial muscles in order to express her emotions. After a few moments, she spoke into Sephiroth’s mind.

~You are not as tall as you once were due to your altered state. Have you been fairing well? I imagine that your stride is not as long nor quick as it once was.~