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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth made a discontent sound as Seferia broke off the kiss, his expression quite similar to a child whose toy was just taken away from him. Had he just been denied? Had she really just teased him and then pushed him away? Sephiroth just sat there and observed her for a few moments in silence, his mind trying to get a grip on the situation. He had half a mind to go and just jump in the river now.

Instead, he nodded at her suggestion. The male moved to his feet, heading out of the tent entirely, relieved at having an excuse to get out and divert to the sudden distraction. Although he was confused and even a little grumpy at being ‘rejected’, he was glad to head out and take up Seferia’s suggestion and play it off as if it had been his intention the entire time.

“Yes, set up traps… food is important…” He mumbled as he pried apart his travelling bag and began to get out his supply of trip wire and various other things.