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Seferia stared at Sephiroth for a good five minutes. At length, she calmly stated, “We can’t exactly tell the children to stop producing feces. It’s a natural function, Sephiroth.”

She shook her head, still bewildered at the number of complaints that Sephiroth is making. She then crosses her arms as she thinks over the situation for a bit. While she was aware that they would need to do a lot of laundry, they had little choice. Disposable diapers simply were not available. She also doubted that she’d be able to teach either of the hatchlings how to control their bowel movements for a good year.

Thus, she eventually continued on, “If it concerns you so much, the feces makes a good fertilizer. You could use it as a bargaining tool for those with attempted gardens.” As she spoke of gardens, she glanced toward the rear of their dwelling, where she had a mango tree that she had been magically growing. “Or, we could use it for our own.”