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Seferia paused for a moment as Sephiroth shifted under her. However, whether the reason was because his movements produced a certain amount of difficulty for her attempts at keeping his hair neat or because of his words. she did not say. After a moment, she let out a slow sigh.

“I see…,” the dragon spoke in not much more than a whisper. “Well, my kind does not need sex when we are not in heat. Well, I should correct my statement: the females don’t need sex outside of heat. Still, I found my bout of sexual activity with you to be very pleasant. Thus, if you desired for casual sex with me, we are now mated. So, I see no reason to deny such a thing.”

She shook her head before returning to licking the top of his head. It only took her another few minutes before she completely finished tending to the burns that she could find from her position behind him. Once finished, she shifted so that she could sit down beside Sephiroth.

“As for the traps, I was more under the impression that you might be lucky enough to catch a jack rabit or two. Perhaps even a snake might be caught.” She shrugged as she pondered over the choices of wildlife. “However, if all that is caught is a rat or two, then so be it.”