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Kat Aclysm

Rizon let out a whining noise in reply, though it was halfway to a groan as well. He felt it was appropriate, for it summed up exactly how he was feeling right about now.

“You mean we’re only halfway there?” He sighed miserably, putting his head down. He wasn’t nearly as fried as some of the other people in the caravan, but he certainly wasn’t any more comfortable. His fur coat did nothing to reflect the heat either. Infact it did quite the opposite, covering him from head to toe like a spotted warm blanket. He began to pant slightly to cool down, but that didn’t help much either.

“So what are we doing?” He asked finally, flicking an ear back in the direction that Sekhmet happened to be looking in at the time. “Are we moving again, or what? It’s very exposed out here you know.”

Despite what Seferia said about hydration levels, Sephiroth still let her have the water bottle for now. Even if she claimed that she didn’t need it, he could see quite clearly that she appreciated it and that was good enough for him.

“Hmmmm….” The silver-haired male hummed in mild discontent. “It hurts, yes. But it will go away quickly also. By the time night falls, the burned skin will flake off in large peels. It’s actually not very pleasant. But it heals quickly.” He glanced towards some of the spikey desert plants nearby, pointing to a spiney Aloe plant.

“That plant over there,” He grinned. “It’s perfect for sunburn remedy if you crush the leaves into a paste. This is a good area to take a rest in.”