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Kat Aclysm

The young male heard his mother snorting somewhere above and promptly flattened himself against the floor of the crate he had been dropped into, instinctively trying to hide and make himself look like part of the ground, or at least the rocky formations around him. While the move may have looked more convincing if he had actually been on the ground, his dark scales contrasted heavily with the crate’s wooden colours. He remained like that and didn’t move. When picked up, he went limp.

Even when set down next to the bowl of food, he resumed his flattened stiff hiding posture, hiding on the mat even though he contrasted against that too. The food was now within inches of him, but he was more concerned with his ‘hiding’ now.

Sephiroth just held the girl in his arms, staying where he was. Though he was beginning to get cold, due to the fact he was still naked and had been all evening.