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Nizhoni lazily looked up at Sephiroth as he picked her up. She then made a weak grumbling noise before she stretched out in his grip. After shifting a bit, she found a comfortable spot. So, the hatchling closed her eyes once more, for she was more than content to be in her father’s arms.

Meanwhile, Seferia continued to glare down at her son. The back dragon was not impressed in the least. Lowering her head, she snorted at him before she shook her head.

~Little one, we have little food. Times are rough. You must not behave like a glutton,~ she instructed.

She then looked over as she noticed that the other hatchling was done eating. So, she lowered her head and picked up the male once more. After a moment, she set him down on the plate, however, a low growl vibrated from her throat, as she indicated to the hatchling that she was displeased.