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Seferia just kept a firm hold on the hatchling as he screached his heart out. She was not happy with his behavior at all. She lifted her head to look around the room before she spotted a small empty crate that was usually meant to hold various supplied. So, she strolled over to the crate before she set down the small dragon within it.

~You have been disrespecting myself and your father. You will not get first choice of food if you continue on this behavior.~

Meanwhile, Nizhoni, the female hatchling, munched away at the food. However, she stopped once the steak was a bit more than half way gone. Not only was she not hungry any more, but she also wanted to leave some for her brother.

So, the day-old youth backed away from the plate. She then crawled over to Sephiroth’s side so that she could curl up against his leg.