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Kat Aclysm

*”No. You would not think so, with how well I am able to hide things.”* Sephiroth admitted telepathically. *”But now I am an average teenage male, and I’m sure you can think of what that might mean.”* He frowned, outwardly expressing his feelings right now. *”All I know is, I refuse to behave like some of them…”*

He dipped his fingers in the Aloe leaf crushed liquid again and rubbed it into his shoulders where Seferia had already cleaned him. The dragon-saliva combined with the Aloe did a world of good for his skin and it had already begun to look somewhere towards normal once more. HIs predictions that it would be healed entirely by morning were definitely coming true.

“The group will be hungry soon,” He said aloud. “Should I go hunting?”