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Seferia gave Sephiroth a small grin before she walked over to him. Once at his side, the incognito dragon leaned over to poke his shoulder.

“Good, now get clean. You smell of dirt, sweat, and more dirt,” while her voice remained stoic, her metal landscape was colored with jovial humor. She prodded him once more before continuing on. “Also, do not bother to put any clothes on when you’re done. I wish to be pleasured by that wing of yours again.”

Seferia momentarily wondered if it was unfair to humans that she could voice jokes and playfulness in a way that sounded completely serious. However, she did not care enough to follow that line of thought for long. Instead, she moved over to sit down on the recently cleaned off mattress so that she could relax while she waited for Sephiroth to clean off.