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Seferia shook her head to Sephiroth’s questions. As she walked over to set the empty egg shells on a shelf, she calmly responded, “No, they are thick and difficult to break. So, you do not need to treat them like fine china. However, do be careful if you pick them up. The edges are sharp.”

After setting the eggs down, she gathered up the mat which had been used as a nest during the last few months. Soon after, she exited the house so that she could shake out the mat.

Meanwhile, the female yawned as Sephiroth picked her up. Chirping with confusion, she looked up at her father with wide eyes. Unlike her brother, her eyes were the same color as her father’s. And thanks to the inherent magic of dragons, they had a glow of their own similar to her father’s.

Once she was set down, she glanced around the area before she shuffled over to her brother’s side. She then rumbled before she curled up against his side.