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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth just sat there calmly as he felt Seferia’s tongue lick his back. He was already sore and stiff, and the soothing feel of the tongue on his skin definitely made him feel more comfortable again. He wasn’t about to consider moving and interruptting that.
He pondered Seferia’s statement about not growing older for a long time and began to wonder about the implications of such a thing. He pondered about not being taken seriously by his fellow comrades. He also considered the general side effects of being a teenage male, such as increased libido, raging hormones, oily skin and pimples. Though he was never really one to get pimples…

Only after a few minutes of silent thinking did he come to the conclusion that it wasn’t all that bad, considering everything else. However, only outward initial response he gave was a small shrug, and a quiet “eh” sound.

*”It honestly doesn’t bother me.”* He finally mentally told her, not really willing to add much else.