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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth shook his head. “I’m not joining them in the bathtub…” He said rather quickly. “That would just be weird. Besides, I like my water scalding hot, and different to this.” He held onto the young female carefully as he washed her off, all the while watching the male curiously.

He was honestly surprised at how different each of them looked. One looked more like a proper bipedal creature, the other much more like Seferia in shape.

When he was done washing off the female, he gently picked her up again and bundled her into the soft dry towel he had nearby which had been intended for him. With that done, he thrust the towel and the youth into Seferia’s arms so he could work on washing off the other.

There was a slight problem though – the other hatchling didn’t want to be washed. He made a loud hissing noise as Sephiroth came near and swayed his head aggressively from side to side, staring at him with his piercing green-yellow eyes. He opened his maw and threatened to bite, growling.