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Seferia happiily trilled as the first hatchling finally made his way out of the egg. She then leaned in to thoroughly like his body, not leaving a section of scaled hide unattended to. Once she felt that the hatchling was properly cleansed off of his amniotic fluids, she gently nipped down on his sides so that she could carry him to the bathtub as well.

~Hm? Well, it still is a bath. So, I suppose it is mostly for the same purpose as what you originally intended it to be for.~

The black dragon then tilted her head from side to side as she pondered over the bath. With water so close to their current location, she felt confident in magically transporting it into the clay tub. So, she soon began to magically fill the tub, being careful not to fill it too quickly since the hatchlings were not too tall.

Meanwhile, the female hatchling coughed and sneezed a few times as she got used to breathing in fresh hair. Once she was breathing on her own, she looked up at Sephiroth once more before she clutched onto his arm and pressed herself against him.