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A chirp echoed from the second egg as the hatchling saw Sephiroth’s hand. The occupant then went silent for a few moments before it began to kick at the shell in order to break even more chunks out of the egg. After a few more minutes of this, the occupant finally tumbled out of the egg.

This particular hatchlng was mostly humanoid in shape, though she did have digitigrade legs, a tail, and a mostly black skin coloring, that was occasionally graced with silver highlights, with very fine scaling. There were a few horns at the top of the hatchlings head, which also had a tuft of silver hair that would eventually fully grow out to be similar to a human’s. Most striking about the hatchling was that she had a pair of feathered wings that resembled the one that her father could materialize. However, unlike his wing, the feathers had a scaled, leathery quality to them. The hatchling’s back and the upper part of her tail donned a series of defensive plates. Meanwhile, the tip of her tail fanned out with the same type of feathers that decorated the hathling’s wings.

Soon after hatchling, the creature glanced up at Sephiroth with wide, jade eyes.

Meanwhile, Seferia continued to encourage the first egg to fully come out of its egg.