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Seferia narrowed her eyes in thought as Sephiroth mentioned the idea of bathing in the morning. Soon after, she released a soft sigh. “I hardly think that we will have the time to afford such a luxury. We shall see.”

Releasing a soft sigh, she leaned forward to wrap her arms about Sephiroth’s waist. She then closed her eyes, for she was incredibly content.

“If you need assistance in the morning, I will provide it…” She softly spoke before she leaned in to start licking Sephiroth’s back, hoping that the healing agents of her draconic saliva will help heal the burns.

As she licked his back, her mind once again wandered upon the subject of their mental bond and Sephiroth’s physical state. ~Sephiroth… I do wonder one more thing. You do realize that you will probably appear to be this age for at least twenty years? You will most likely not appear to be an adult again for well over fifty years. Probably even closer to a century from now..~