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Kat Aclysm

While Seferia might have felt motherly instinct and excitement towards the prospects of being a mother, Sephiroth personally felt numb to it all. If there was some big parental instinct one was supposed to have, he would be convinced by not that it was absent from him.

Life went on as normal for him. There was always something going on he could take part in, or use his strength to assist the others with their chores. Some of the workers had begun building small crude river-diversion aquaducts so he had been busy with that in recent days positioning planks and digging holes for supports to go into.

After each day’s work he returned back to the ‘house’ to find Seferia near the eggs, and grinned at her. She certainly looked like she knew what she was doing, that was for sure.

“Any day now.” He would remind her as he sat down after another hard day of work, and then began to look through his supplies for his wash-bucket and rag.