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Over the course of the next few months, the refugees and rebels settled into their new home. for the most part, the group had been more than happy to find that they had roofs and solid structures this time around. While the new location still lacked modern facilities, such as plumbing, the availability of actual homes and a nearby river was sufficiently pleasant.

Sekhmet did not take long to settle in at all; however, the feline youth had been used to the vagabond lifestyle from birth. Clawina had been well known for moving from base to base to inspect the operations of various squadrons. Not to mention, when the war against the human and her pet “snake” started, remaining elusive was as important as it was now.

As for Seferia, she had little concern for where she was at any given point. She was safe and comfortable. She also had her treasure, which in this case happened to be Sephiroth. Frequently, when the dragon stared at Sephrioth, her mind would simply chant out feelings cush as mineminemine ad infinitum. However, she never let her emotions get in the way of her work.

It took about a week for Seferia to regain her stamina. However, once she felt well enough,she returned to her routine of tending to the needs of the various squads as the commanding officer of this sect of the rebellion. Every night, she spent several minutes, if not an hour just sitting in front of her eggs. Sephiroth would have no problems picking up the psychic songs that Seferia sang to her offspring. However, any other being would just think that she was staring at the eggs.

Finally, at the end of the third month, Seferia began taking entire days off from her duties. The eggs had begun to shift about at frequent intervals. Every scale on her hide vibrated with the excitement of knowing that she was about to be a mother.