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Seferia personally had no reasons to mingle with those that were celebrating, either. So, she promptly moved to follow Sephiroth. As she moved up behind him, she lifted her head to look at the various structures. soon enough, she nodded toward one to the rear of the ruins.

“That one looks more than sufficently large for myself and you. Also, it appears to have enough nearby room that I can return to my true form and stretch out if I need to. Do you approve?”

Meanwhile, Sekhmet was rolling her eyes at the way that everyone was celebrating. She then snorted before grouching out at the group, “Oh, settle down already. We’re probably the last group to arrive. Go get your housing assignments!”

The feline princess’s tail swished as she stalked off in search of her brother. She was more than confident that he had already arrived and arranged for housing for the royal household.