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Bobbing her head, Seferia agreed with Sephiroth’s sentiments. To be honest, she didn’t blame him for the mistakes of his past. She felt that his actions were rather reasonable. Even if he had never been pushed by someone else, he would have gone mad with the life he lead. Well, that’s what she believed. There was no way for Seferia to prove of disprove anything.

As they continued on, she traveled in silence. Her mind frequently wandered over the long-term plans for the rebellion. No matter how she strove, she couldn’t think of a viable attack plan to get at Nemesis. Was there even a way to strike down a creature who could just melt away and rebuilt its body?

On hearing Sephiroth’s voice, it took Seferia a few moments to snap out of her reverie. However, she eventually looked up at him then blinked in confusion.

“I… cannot say for certain. Not all dragons have the same gestation periods. This is my first brood as well. So, it is hard to guess. Perhaps they will hatch in an hour, though I doubt it.”