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Seferia inched closer to Sephiroth’s side. Once near enough, she allowed her tail to swish over to his leg so that she could gently tap him. The dragon then bobbed her head before whispering, “Do not become saddened. It is only a growing fetus. It’ll spend most of its time in dreams.”

Her eyes then clouded with sorrow before she looked at the ground in front of him. After rumbling in agreement, she replied, “Yes, it is a shame. However, at the same time… Clawina and I were prepared to become martyrs to our cause. We were fully aware that the human armaments out-matched and out-manned our own. That’s why Clawina invested time in crafted the disease that Sekhmet carries on her person now…

“Sadly, we cannot undo the mistakes of our pasts, can we?”