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Kat Aclysm

There was a general feeling of discontent and fear around the camp. At least, that was what Rizon had felt when the group began the task of packing up before the Nemesis arrived to their base camp. He personally didn’t want to move and he had expressed his opinion on the matter before, but there was little choice now. They either moved or died at this point.

When he was packed and his group called out to move, he did very little to argue. Rizon simply moved out of the old camp with the group he had been assigned to, Sehkmet’s group, no arguments. A feeling of remorse and regret had washed over him by the time the move had come, and he began to wonder if things were his fault somehow. He certainly hadn’t acted very rationally all the time back when they had encountered the Nemesis…

“My Queen, things could not be any worse, could they? This was mostly beyond our control though.” He had said this to Sekhmet a number of times through the journey. Apart from statements like this however, the young dragon had been silent. He began to play the events over in his mind again… could things have had a different outcome somehow? Then again, nobody had seen the betrayal of Hope coming. Rizon knew one thing however – if he had declined going to see the mother dragon, things COULD have been prevented.

Four days passed and the dragon walked after the group in near silence, carrying what looked like was far more than physically possible for his feline size and height. When he saw the group had stopped up ahead, he stopped also once he had caught up, highly curious.

“Are we there yet?”

Meanwhile, Sephiroth had been in higher spirits. Vaguely.

With the task of moving ahead of him now, nothing else was in his mind except to keep the eggs and Seferia safe. When it was time for him and Seferia to move out with their group, he did nothing but stay with her, carrying one of the eggs himself along with the rest of his posessions.

Seferia had been right in one thing in her attempt to cover for her weakness. Being in back gave Sephiroth the opportunity to keep an eye on everyone ahead. There was also a vague feeling of selfishness in this, for if somebody was attacked, the main cluster would be the first to go down rather than him and Seferia personally. Sephiroth was personally used to moving through all kinds of weather and under harsh minimalist conditions so he saw no need or right to complain.

When they had stopped in the middle of the day on the fourth day, Sephiroth took the time to sit down and relax, not seeming to care where he sat. The sun aggressively beat down on him, but he didn’t seem to notice it. He simply took off his coat and placed it over the egg to cover it from the sun, not seeming to care about the fact that his shoulders and back were already badly sunburned. The egg’s survival was infinitely more important to him right now.

Well that, and Seferia.

“Are you doing fine?” He called out to her when he watched her retreat under a tree. When he noticed her strange breathing, he began to go through his pack of items. After producing a plastic container filled with drinking water, he raised it up to show her, before tossing it towards her. “Here.”