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Seferia bobbed her head in acknowledgement. However, she felt no shame in continuing her conversation with him. Mostly, the commanding officer over the resistance forces felt that Sephiroth deserved to know her past. Hiding anything from him would do neither of them any favors.

So, after taking a slight breath, Seferia responded, “Yes, you would have been counted in amongst the humans. Despite the fact that you have traits that are clearly not quite human, your smell, appearance, and mannerisms would have been enough for us to feel that you qualified as one. We were quite blind in our prejudice.

“As for why.. It was for our respective peoples. At the turn of the industrial age, when Clawina was born and raised, humans began a massive invasion into lands that were once considered sacred. Entire species vanished overnight. The god that Clawina had the support of had become angered by the loss of so many species. Humans were killing without the need. They took pieces and parts and left the rest to burn.

“However, Clawina herself probably had no reason to personally hate humans. At least, none that I ever knew of. In her mind, she was protecting those that she was placed in charge over by divine right. She needed to keep her followers safe, and to do that, she needed to remove the threat.

“As for myself… Well, I do not know how far you know of the history of dragons on this planet. However, dragons once had a dominion over the planet. They permitted humans to flourish because the humans entertained them. However, one day, a religion emerged, Christianity, and that religion taught that all dragons and other creatures of mystical existence were inherently of the devil. Thus, dragons were slaughtered by the dozen.

“My egg was found with no signs of sires. Clawina stated that the other eggs that were most likely of my clutch had been crushed and long since dried up. These facts along with the history of my kind’s downfall.. Well, it wasn’t hard to paint a picture that displayed the death of my sires at human hands. Whether this belief is true or not though… No one will know.

“However, with the knowledge of how the dragons were slaughtered in the name of a Holy Crusade, along with the lack of a true family.. Well, I was more than happy to adopt Clawina’s crusade against the humans. We were going to raise them down to the ground just as the humans were raising down all other species on this planet.”