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Seferia quickly shook her head in disagreement to Sephiroth’s statement. Tilting her head to look at him, she firmly responded, “No, it wasn’t a business transaction. It was politics though. She was a queen, and I was her general, so to speak. At least, once I was old enough to have a grasp of such things as war.”

She paused in her explanations before she shook her head once more. Her eyes then turned to look down at the egg in her hands.

“Of course, the war that the two of us planned together never occurred. We were to take out the humans in the name of her god. However.. After everything that happened-” her voice trailed off for a moment. However, she soon returned to speaking at full volume, “I am certain that we would have failed. Humans are a very resilient species. And… the two of us had our judgments clouded by anger, pain, and revenge.”