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Prior to leaving, Seferia took a moment to insure that she had a firm grip on the egg that she has decided to carry with her. Thus, she set off to follow the group once more. As she traveled, she once again lagged at the rear of the pack. During this time, she kept her attention down on the egg in her arms.

“I do hope you hatch soon…”

Once they reach the alcove of trees, which Sekhmet had choosen for their camping site, Seferia moved to help Sephiroth set up his tent. Even though the black-clad man had not spoken of his discomfort, Seferia had been able to feel it quite clearly through their mental bond. Thus, once the tent was fully set up, she moved to usher Sephiroth inside.

“You need to take care of yourself, Sephiroth,” she softly spoke, doing her best to keep herself unheard by anyone other than Sephiroth.