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Seferia took note of Sephiroth’s languid pacing as they continued on. Several times throughout the following hours, she would tilt her head to look over Sephiroth before releasing a soft sigh. Even though she had made statements that predicted a possible outcome if she had not interfered with Sephiroth’s path, that future never would come to pass. She had entangled herself with Sephiroth, in more than one way. So, she saw no reason why he should beat himself over things that would never be.

By the time the sun set for the evening, the troop had managed to make it to an area that they believed was close to what was once the state border. Since an area that was once a national park happened to be in the way, they decided to set up camp in an abandoned camping site. Sekhmet predicted no less than a day more of travel before they reached their destination.

After Seferia set down her egg and assisted Sephiroth in setting up their tent, she escorted him inside. Once in privacy, she spoke to him, “Do you want to remain that way overnight, or do you want to sleep as yourself then decide whether you want to be a feline or yourself tomorrow?”