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Seferia tilted her head to watch Sephiroth. She then rolled her eyes before she got up to tap the brim of his hat.

“You know that you do not need to wear that until we are on the move with no shade again, right?” Another rumble vibrated through her chest as she spoke to him.

With that said, the dragon got to her feet before she treaded back into the bathroom. She then tested out the tap on the sink. At first, all that happened was a few gurgling thumps through the pipes. Then, a black sludge spewed out from the faucet.

On seeing the initial sludge, Seferia backed away from the sink. Few things disgusted her, but that water most certainly did the trick. Luckily, after a minute of running, the water cleared up. So, the commander quickly filled up Sephiroth’s canister before she performed the same sterilization spells that she had performed at the river. After repeating the process with her own canister, she moved back to Sephiroth’s side before she knelt down and offered him the water.