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Seferia had turned her attention back to her eggs as Sephiroth checked the stores. The disguised dragon carefully checked over both of the eggs, confirming to herself that neither had suffered any damage. As she checked them over, she once again sent out a telepathic song to the fetuses within the eggs. The song stemmed mostly from her primal instincts, so she barely even understood where she learned it from. However, she was certain that she should be broadcasting it to her future hatchlings.

In time, she picked up Sephiroth’s water canister and looked it over. For, Seferia had decided that it was time to think of other things than her eggs. A frown tugged at her lips as she examined the canister, for she was not certain if Sephiroth would find water in any of the stores. Perhaps she could use magic to conjure some?

With that thought in mind, she lifted her head to get a feel for the surrounding air. Unfortunately, the dragon soon found that the air was dryer than a fossilized bone. There was no chance that she would be able to force any amount of magical condensation from the air. After coming to this realization, Seferia snorting in distaste, for she didn’t like the thought of being proven wrong.