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Kat Aclysm

Rizon nodded his head. “Alright.” He turned around to face the rest of the group, clapping his paws.

“We are moving out. Up ahead is a small village that is no longer used. There will be a river and water. You may set up camp there. I know we’ve been a long way, but it’s only a little further up the river. Let’s move.”

With that, he picked up the items he had been carrying again, and resumed hauling them with him on the journey.

Sephiroth continued to search through his posessions, listening to Seferia’s comment all the while.

“No, I don’t find it disturbing. I haven’t heard anybody else describe your lack of expression as disturbing either… I’m not sure what to say, really.” He found a knife in amongst his stuff, sighing when he heard the yelling up ahead.

“Looks like we’re moving again.” He looked at Seferia hopelessly, then picked up his posessions, slinging them across his back again. He kept the knife out though, and promptly hacked half a dozen Aloe leaves off the plant beside him, stuffing them into one of the side pockets along with the knife.

“Did you want to carry both eggs, or did you want to hand one back?”