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As Sephiroth set the one egg down, Seferia scooted closer to it so that she could set the egg that she had been carrying next to it. Once the egg was securely set on the ground, she reached over to pat both of them. Thus, for those few moments, she managed to avoid voicing her thoughts.

However, she pulled her attention back to Sephiroth as he moved away. So, she took in a deep breath before forming her thoughts out in a proper manner.

~I am aware that I am not as expressive as most creatures of your species or those like them. I have tried hard to learn these movements, and even understand the ones that I see on you. However, it does not come naturally for me to use them. I also have noted that while you may usually appear passive, there is still quite an amount of expression on your features at any given moment. Thus, I do wonder if my ways disturb those like you.~


“Yes, Rizon. The tribe of people were called the Hopi. I am more than certain that the word has nothing to do with the english word,” Sekhmet frowned at the disguised dragon as she noted his humor. “No matter. Start gathering people for me. We should get moving to that alcove now.”