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“It depends on the type of fur,” Seferia explained as she continued to assist Sephiroth in regaining his footing. She had firmly set down her right hand against the small of his back while she had the other hand on his shoulder. “It seems that this form has short and fine silver hair, which is what I was hoping for. Since your fur is light in color, it will reflect most of the sunlight and keep it from burning your skin. And since it is a short, fine texture, it shouldn’t build up as much heat as your coat was.”

The dragon tilted her head to the side as she considered over the change that she had put over Sephiroth. Overall, she was rather confident that she was right about the statements she made. However, Seferia was not fully positive.

Eventually, she spoke out again, “If you do not approve, I can simply change you back.”