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Once Sephiroth stepped out of the cubicle, Seferia rolled her eyes at his actions. After releasing a deep sigh, she shook her head before she spoke out in the best reassuring tone that she could manage, “You can relax, Sephiroth. We are mated. I have seen your body in the nude before. It is of no consequence if I see it now.”

After speaking, she set the egg that she had been carrying for the day on the ground. Once the dragon was sure that her egg was secure, she moved over to Sephiroth so that she could examine him. After a few moments, she nodded in approval.

“Yes, this should help out… I hope. If it doesn’t, I’ll simply reverse it.”

With that spoken, Seferia’s eyes began to glow as she softly spoke in the ancient draconic tongue of her ancestors. As she spoke, she weaved a spell that would transform Sephiroth into a bipedal feline such as the form that she currently was donning.