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Seferia sighed as she pondered over her plans for a moment. She had taken notice that the black of his coat was overheating him. However, his skin wouldn’t be able to handle the sun. So, she figured that if there was something else, perhaps lighter colored like his hair, covering his skin… Perhaps something like that would keep him from being horribly burnt, while at the same time reflect enough of the sun that it wouldn’t overheat him.

Shaking her head, she grasped onto Sephiroth’s arm before she lead him to the nearest private area, which happened to be a men’s restroom. From there, she pointed to the corner.

“Strip down. I am going to attempt to change your form. However, I cannot promise that the change would preserve your clothing. So, please remove them,” she firmly commanded.

The dragon then leaned against the doorway as she patiently waited for Sephiroth to remove his clothing.