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Kat Aclysm

“It doesn’t matter very much,” Sephiroth told Seferia. “Now that you know, it won’t do very much for you.”

Soon after though, Sephiroth raised his eyebrows slightly and glanced back at Seferia, frowning.

“What do you wonder?” He queried. After another few moments had passed, he found himself glancing around the area, then at his own bag of supplies. Now that he had stopped to rest, the aching pain that had been radiating up his legs from walking all day was going away. That didn’t give him much relief though, as the sunburn across his shoulders and back began to bother him instead.

He couldn’t stand it any longer. He carefully set the egg down under the tree, making sure it was still covered in his leather coat to keep it incubated. Then he moved to his supply bag and began to scour through it, looking for a suitable substitute for the mortar and pestle he had kept going on about just moments beforehand.

“Yes, my Queen….” Rizon said in a small voice, feeling rather foolish now. He didn’t mind too much however, as submissiveness to his leader felt comfortable and even natural to him.

“Next time I will read the briefing.” He said quickly, straightening his stance once again. “Hopi tribe, heh…?” He bit his lower lip at the mild irony of that.