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Seferia nodded in agreement as she returned to the egg that she had left behind. As she picked up the egg, she reached out to offer Sephiroth the canteen of water and bag of trail mix that she had plundered off the male.

“It was a relatively simple threat. Human minds are weak, so it takes no time for me to trap them in a waking nightmare.” As she spoke, she glanced back toward the hill where she had left the human. “No matter, we should continue on.”

So, the group continued on, pushing themselves as fast as they can. As they came to the abandoned city of Las Cruces, Sekhmet called for a break. So, she lead the group into what once was a shopping mall before she asked some of the men to fan out and look for supplies.

At this time, Seferia moved even closer to Sephiroth to examine him over. She frowned with concern as she noticed how much sweat was covering his skin.

“Do you mind if I attempt something, Sephiroth?”