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“The way that Seferia placed it when she told the group leaders of our destination, it is a foothold, but was long abandoned even before Nemesis came,” Sekhmet sighed as she explained these matters, feeling that Rizon should already know these matters. “The village was once inhabited by a native human race called Hopi. However, they were run off and relocated hundreds of years ago.”

She then turned to face Rizon. Frowning at him, she shook her head with disappointment. “Rizon, I do hope that you pay more attention to briefings at the start of a mission or movement next time. These matters were spoken of then.”


Seferia carefully watched and listened to Sephiroth as he made his explanations. At the end, she nodded her head.

“Yes, you are right. I have seen it before. I simply never put those names to those items.” She bowed her head in order to show her gratitude. “I thank you for providing this information to me. However, I still cannot say if it accessible. I do not believe that I was the one who packed those items. For being useless on that matter, I apologize but do not agonize myself.”

She then returned her attention to his face. “I do wonder though…”