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Sekhmet frowned upon hearing Rizon’s question, finding it to be childish at the best. After shaking her head, she released a tired sigh before she turned to face Rizon. She first started with taking a deep breath to calm herself and form her sentence fully.

“No, Rizon. We are not there yet.” Shaking her head, she crossed her arms. Meanwhile, her ears pivoted back as she listened to the surrounding area. “We are still in the land that was once part of a country named Mexico. We have yet to pass into the former United States. We still have at least three days walk left.”

With that, she turned back around. She narrowed her eyes as she listened to both her surroundings and the other members of her traveling group. She then narrowed her eyes as she pondered simply setting up camp for the night.

Seferia was still controlling her breathing in order to keep her mind from the pain that washed over her body from her wounds. So, it took her a moment to realize that Sephiroth had spoken to her. In fact, it was more the fact that his thoughts passed by her mind that she took notice of his words at all. Thus, she slowly opened up her eyes to look down at him.

“I am fine, Sephiroth,” she calmly spoke out. She then focused on the drinking water before nodding in appreciation. “You have my thanks. However, do not worry about my hydration levels. Dragons can go on without water or food for weeks if necessary.”

Despite her statement, she takes the water and sips on it. Soon after, she sat down next to Sephiroth. As she settled down, she surveyed the burns on his skin.

“I am surprised that, even though you have been heavily enhanced, your skin burns like that. Must be quite painful.”