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Jenna: *closes her eyes and doesn’t say anything at all as Seph searches through her one boot, not wanting to discourage him at all. Once he gives the knife to Aeris, she nods* Thank you. *looking at Aeris, she snorts* Actually, you will be the one taking a bath.. *glances at Seph* I suggest you leave now. *She then yanks at Astaroth’s neck once more* Return them to their rightful places!

Astaroth: *releases a strangled squeak then hisses slightly, quite annoyed at the fact that he’s caught. However, he slowly nods his head before glancing at Aeris and Cloud. Soon enough, he begins to glow with energy before he uses his powers to grip onto their souls and swap them back to their normal bodies. He then shoots a glare up at Jenna, as if indicating that he wants to be let go now*