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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *silently slides off the chair and crouches down next to Jenna, reaching into her boot to search for the mentioned knife, feeling around down near her ankle for a moment or two. He then realizes he has chosen the wrong boot and moves for the other boot, finding it right away* Ah, there it is… *walks over to Aeris and hands the knife to him, still seeming annoyed and bothered by the fact Aeris is in Cloud’s body even after all this time. Once Aeris has the knife, he returns to his seat, watching*

Aeris: Thank you, Sephy. *takes the knife and carefully slices through the umbilical chord, then bundles the child up in towels, cradling it in his arms* So cute… *begins gently rocking it, trying to get it to calm down* Cloud, when this is over, you should take a bath… and.. *glances down at the bed* Actually, we need to clean all of this up….