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Dimitri: *Grins as he’s set back down in the water. He then begins to flail about in the water, having fun with it. He then moves to Sephiroth’s side and begins to splash him* Play!

Seres: *nods and thinks for a moment. She then calmly removes her clothing before slipping into the water. She then shakes her head at Dimitri* Alway play..

Vincent: *Shrugs* Suit yourself. *he waves goodbye to Cid, though it’s more like sticking up his hand than a full-out wave*

Seferia: *is still wandering the area of Cosmo Canyon in her human form. She is searching for a safe place to stay with her queen. As she moves about, she smacks into Cloud. Grunting in annoyance, she looks at Cloud as her yellow eyes briefly flare with a angered yellow glow*