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Kat Aclysm

Sephiroth: *glares hard at Jenna and turns his head away, muttering* I wasn’t thinking about that.. I don’t care..

Cloud: *grips onto Aeris’s hand as she pants heavily, continuing her pushing. Over the next hour or so she does this, struggling a lot of the time with it. Once she finally pushes the child out of herself, she collapses back onto the bed, ignoring the loud screaming noise that has now filled the air, utterly exhausted and worn out*

Aeris: *just remains by Cloud’s side throughout the whole ordeal, grinning with happiness once the child has been born. She places a towel over it and glances at Jenna and Sephy* I need scissors. And uh, anything else you can think of. *reaches down to stroke the child’s face, trying to get it to stop crying*